Thursday, September 11, 2008

By the dawns early light: 9/11...Remembered

Amherst Town Center 6:35 AM

CH. 3 TV covers the People's Republic on 9/11

Amherst Fire Dept 10:00 AM
Note what pilots refer to as "severe clear" blue sky.

Springfield Republican 9/11 editorial. Very well done!


Anonymous said...

ironic how similar the weather is today as well....

Anonymous said...

And look how UMass has changed.
(Special thanks to Larry for identifying the vendor of flags cited supra).


To: Campus Community
From: Chancellor Robert Holub

Today, we mark the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks
on our nation.

Our flags on campus are at half staff today, as they are around the
Commonwealth and the country. Let us, as a community, remember
the victims, the survivors and the national sense of unity that
bound us that day.

On campus, one of our noted alumni, Ken Feinberg, who directed the
$7 billion fund created by Congress to assist the families of
those killed or injured in the attacks, will give a talk 4:30 p.m.
in the Bernie Dallas room in Goodell Hall. Also, the Old Chapel
bells will ring four times to remember the victims of the attacks,
and hundreds of American flags have been displayed near the Campus
Pond as part of a remembrance organized by the UMass Republican Club.

Please take a moment in the course of your day to reflect on the
importance of the events that we all shared and endured seven
years ago today.

Anonymous said...

Make that 4.

Amherst Select Board candidate arrested

AMHERST - Yeshaq A. Warren, one of five residents who has taken out nomination papers to run for a vacant seat on the Select Board, was arrested early Thursday morning in downtown Amherst on charges of simple assault and assault and battery, police said.

maryd said...

Nice. Any chance you got a picture of the permanent force?

Anonymous said...

> Amherst Select Board
> candidate arrested

The fact remains that there is a certain amount of low-rent housing in this town that will be occupied by SOMEONE. It will either be occupied by UMass students or by welfare people. (Hint: who owns that duplex on Stanley Street...)

So you can either deal with the UMass students and the problems they cause or the welfare people and the problems they cause. Further, welfare people tend to have lots of illegitimate children who then you have to pay to educate...

And as to everyone who says that it is the UMass students who get arrested in this town, well....

LarryK4 said...

As I was driving up through town center at 6:30 AM (hoping to get a shot of the flags going up) I spotted all sorts of police activity and they had this black guy down on the ground and were cuffing him.

I trust Amherst PD not to pull a Rodney King, so I did not bother to take a photo or video.

Anonymous said...

The Springfield Republican's editorial is simply untrue. 9/11 did not unify the country, not even for a day. I remember it clearly. By afternoon on that day the conspiracy theories were ricocheting around the Internet. Mount Holyoke College had a "Peace" vigil that evening which basically blamed America. The twin demons of pre-emptive surrender and blaming Bush were already loose by sunset.

Until one entire major political party and the entire mass news media stop hating America and working to destroy it, there can be no unity.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about MHC, but at UMass -- which lost several people that day -- there was a unified wave of patriotism. Yes there were the traditional activists on their soapboxes but that one day they didn't do so well...

Here is what I wrote last year for the Collegian about that day:

Ed Cutting

Anonymous said...

second try:


ARHS '76 said...

You certainly can attract them, Larry, the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

> I trust Amherst PD not to pull
> a Rodney King, so I did not
> bother to take a photo or video.

All the more reason to take a video. The only reason why another black male named Justin Vassall has any chance of going to jail is the video of what he really did....

Wanna bet that there will be protests on behalf of this young man too..

ARHS '76 said...

innocent until proven guilty
equal protection under the law

your resentment towards blacks for a perceived sense of unequal justice under the law is unseemly

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify on Mr. Vassall -- the man deserves (and is receiving) a fair trial. He is presumed innocent.

That doesn't mean he didn't do it. They have multiple videotapes of what he did. And it truly is nice - for all - that there is an objective videotape of what he did...

And I ask all this: what would people be saying if a couple hundred militant *white* activists were to go storm into courtrooms demanding his punishment? Wouldn't that be disturbing?

Anonymous said...

Thank you arhs '76, You seem to be the only sane one on this blog. I keep telling people that there is racism in this town, and it isn't even about "another Rodney King". I do not think the "cops" were interested in doing such a thing, and if they did, it would not be such a great thing for Amherst to deal with. We already have the "hate the flag" people, kill the school committee brigage, and the parade protesters, what more do they want?

Only In Amherst, is so true. What happened to the real Towns' People? Are they afraid to step up and take control of their town back?

Until later..................