Monday, September 22, 2008

Those darn Professors!

UPDATE: (3:00 PM) So one of the Anon's comments got me thinking and I need to link to a Republican article so it is easier to do as an update rather than in comments:

Well, Anon (and I get the impression you were on the receiving end of that originalemail—so why the Hell did you not tip me?)…I’m a tad bummed that the good chaplain had a SOM (School of Management) email address—but hey, even pro business folks could use salvation.

And the good chaplain teaches about homelessness, eh? I did note another interesting article in today’s Republican (by veteran reporter Mike Plaisance) about getting out the homeless vote. And why do I get the impression that most of them would end up voting the Democratic slate?

Let em eat cake--as long as they vote Democratic

UPDATE: 3:15 PM. So my friends at the Umass Republican Club just joined the party:

From: "UMass Republican Club"
Subject: Obama forces derailed at UMass Amherst
Date: September 23, 2008 2:50:11 PM EDT

Thanks to quick maneuvering and relentless media pressure from the Massachusetts Republican Party and the UMass Amherst Republican Club, UMass Amherst has become one campus where university-sanctioned political bias will not go unanswered.

We direct your attention to the following news story and we encourage you to contact our Chancellor ( or University President ( with your inquiries.

The story has also received front-page attention from the influential Drudge Report:

Thank you,

Brad DeFlumeri

Vice President, UMass Amherst Republican Club

(Original Post 10:00 PM, 9/22/08) So I guess nobody will be shocked by the revelation that an unnamed Umass History professor would reward students with two credits for hustling in New Hampshire for the new messiah, Democrat Barack Obama.

Funny, you never hear these sleazy PC missteps attributed to the Isenberg School of Management or those brainy Polymer Science and Engineering folks.

On Sunday night (so it was not on company time) a bevy of writers with Umass connections—most notably Pulitzer Prize winner Madeleine Blais now teaching in the Journalism Department; and as described in a radio commercial for a local restaurant as the “bad ass Puerto Rican poet” and current professor in the Department of English Martin Espada performed at a fancy wine-and-cheese event at the Hotel Northampton raising $26,000 for Obama.

In Monday’s Daily Hampshire Gazette Ms. Blais, who helped organize the affair, boasted:” We’re going viral," she said. "It's beginning to look like a populist uprising."

Hmmm…if that’s the case--then why are his poll numbers not moving on up?

The Boston Globe Reports (based on AP story)

Speaking of "going viral." Yikes!

An oldy but a goody

And who could forget this display?

Politically active indeed!


Anonymous said...

I want to go to a local McCain campaign event. Who is hosting one in the Amherst area?

Anonymous said...

tax policy

Morans said...

Spelling challenged McCain supporters picture

Morans said...


Anonymous said...

Ummmm, the perp has a School of Management email address, which means, like that, ummm, well.....

Seriously, if he has a address, it means, well, like........

Anonymous said...

The public schools in NH allow the promotion of the ONE campaign (Global Poverty Act-related) and other UN political influences.

Time to kick politics out of the public educaiton system or defund it altogether!

Can you see me asking to put up a McCain poster or a 'Get Us Out of the UN' poster in these schools?

Anonymous said...

At least *try* to get the story straight. But thanks for the report anyway. Right or wrong, this blog continues to provide amusement for Umass professors who read it with their morning cappuccino and occasionally their afternoon wine and cheese.

What history professor?? Higgins is a campus chaplain.

"University officials said that there is no such independent study program and that Higgins was not authorized to promise students credit."

LarryK4 said...

Well if you actually read the story the good chaplain stated in a mass email (can you imagine getting spam from a chaplain?) that a Umass professor had kindly offered to donate the two credits as part of an "independent study."

According to the AP story (and the writer is based in Boston so you gotta wonder how he scooped the Gazette and Republican) the good chaplain "refused to identify the history department sponsor."

Yeah, and notice the University officials said all the right stuff only AFTER being contacted by the AP.

Gee, Anon you wouldn't happen to work in the History Department would you?

Anonymous said...

Well, I happen to know EXACTLY how the Boston AP reporter scooped the locals and this time it wasn't their fault.

What is being missed here are three things. First his email address is -- som stands for School Of Management and hence Higgins had to have been working over there (not as a Chaplin) at some point.

Also being missed is his current faculty position -- he is a lecturer in the Honors College where he teaches a course about homelessness. HON-297S

Also being missed is how incredibly illegal it is to use faculty resources (mailing lists) for partisan political purposes. I believe that it is criminal.

Matt Drudge has this story on his website above the fold.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to go to a local Republican event, Keith McCormick will be marching in the BTown parade this Saturday, and McCain does now have an office in Springfield, although I am not exactly sure where.


Anonymous said...

Religion and Politics are BAD bedfellows.

I consider the chaplain's canvassing project no worse than any other faith-based initiative.

Anonymous said...

The latest -- today's Collegian
is reporting that an "anonymous donor" was going to pay the tuition bills of the students getting these credits for canvassing....

Federal Election Law Violations anyone????

Anonymous said...

For the inquiry about McCain Campaign Events, the Spfd office and contact info is:

1915 Wilbraham Rd
Springfield, MA
(Fresh Acres Shopping Plaza)
413- 782-1010

Anonymous said...

Interesting question: if the Chaplin's Homelessness Course involves working in the homeless shelters, will it include voter registration efforts?

How closely is his academic stuff tied to his just-kaboshed other academic stuff?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Anonymous said...

More Religion and Politics - see the part at about 7 mins. video

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which. Scary stuff... Palin being protected from witchcraft in her church.