Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Keenan on the case!

Who better to get excited about the interest free $70-K Water/Sewer debt owed by a multi-million dollar corporation than current Select board candidate (and former Select board member) Dave Keenan, pictured talking to reporter Scott Merzbach of the ultra-crusty Amherst Bulletin trying to interest him in this story. He was on "deadline" (dog bites man story no doubt) so he would would get back to Dave on Thursday.

Keenan recently paid the town $50,000 in overdue property tax and water/sewer bills dating back ten years with over half that amount due to interest (16%) and legal fees.

Keenan confirmed John Musante, new Assistant Town Manager (with a retroactive $10,000 raise), worked out the terms of the contract with F.L. Roberts and that our esteemed Select board, who are also the Water/Sewer Commissioners, were never told about this monstrous outstanding back balance. Hmmm…


O'Reilly said...

I'm glad David is digging into this.

Is it clear the assistant town manager has the authority to forgive interest due on a 5 year old water & sewer bill? They should pay interest and principal at the same rate as other customers even if the town is responsible for not billing them.

In the photo, David appears to have Greeney signs. What's the story behind that?

O'Reilly said...

29 Saturdays for Farmer’s Market;
31 Consecutive Days for Boy Scouts

What’s the difference? You might think the difference is 2 but it’s not.

The difference is the farmer’s market has the approval of town government to be conducted on town property because the Select Board approved it March 10, while the Boy Scout tree sale cannot be conducted on town property because the Town Manager disapproved it on January 10. The Boy Scouts’ request never came up for a vote by the Select Board. How does this happen?

It seems like the Select Board would rather not be is a position to decide the issue but of course the Select Board is elected by town residents precisely for that purpose among others. Is the town manager Larry Shaffer grounded on firm and fair footing or has he evicted the Boy Scouts without the authority of a Select Board vote or at least by authority of the Select Board’s adoption of a Kendrick Park Use Policy, which town manager Larry Shaffer has appointed a committee to develop?

Amherst’s common and parks are intended for the common use of residents and guests. Why town government is laboring to evict the Boy Scouts is hard for me to understand.

It seems Larry Shaffer’s January 10 meeting with the Boy Scouts was premature unless the Kendrick Park Use Policy Committee is for show and not for substance and unless the Select Board intends to allow the town manager to conduct this bit of town business on his own without the authority of elected officials.

LarryK4 said...

Actually the photo was taken in MY War Room, errrrr, I mean office. But strangely enough, even though he's a candidate Dave has endorse Ms. Greeney (as have I). Only in Amherst.

O'Reilly said...

I see. Thanks Larry.

Mary E.Carey said...

This has got the earmarks of a classic photo.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, Dave looks pretty good next to the Claude Monet painting (not an original of course) with the sun streaming in from behind.

Funny thing is I always take at least three photos of anything I’m covering for my blog but in this instance I only took but one.

Austin said...

I hate to say this.... But as long as he does a good job, does anyone really care?

It seems these days we pick our politicians based on who we'd want to have dinner with, as opposed to who would actually do a good job.

what does 'ultra-crusty' even mean?

Max Hartshorne said...

Come on, does Dave Keenan really think that with his ridiculous record of fiscal management (having his house taken by the town for back taxes) and other silliness over the years, that Amherst voters are going to put him in charge of the town's money by being a selectman?

Talk about Don Quixote!