Friday, March 7, 2008


Friday 3:00 pm: Yeah, nice mug shot (click photo to enlarge). AND they spelled my name correctly. But I’m still pissed! So I have a 7/4 Parade Meeting at the VFW tonight at 7:00 pm where all of this (the annual Tempest in a Teapot, although this year it’s starting early) will be discussed and voted on.

So I will upload later this weekend. Grrrrrrr
UPDATE: 3:15 PM. My long-time associate Max Hartshorne just posted a funny blip about
me on his popular blog and I naturally had to add a response:


UPDATE: 10:00 PM. So tonight’s July 4 Parade Committee meeting was by far the most contentious in the six years of our existence. Yeah, we almost packed it in. But then you ask yourself the simply question: Is this right or wrong? And the answer was as obvious as the grand finale at a July 4 fireworks on a perfect New England night.


Mark said...

You could let them march so they make fools of themselves. If it is your parade, who determines the order of marchers/ trucks? Put them at the end of the parade after the horses.

maryd said...

And you could put Mr. Shaffer and the Select Board right behind the boy scouts while you're at it.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, the Boy Scouts carrying baby Christmas trees.

The Select board carry their one allowed sign: "outmoded government"

Shaffer in a white suit and brim hat with his sign "Boss Hogg."

Austin said...

All I care about is Aida. That play was amazing, and it's stuff like that that makes the Amherst school stand out from others.