Tuesday, November 22, 2016


It's one of those touchstone moments that comes along maybe once a generation, and is then handed down from that deleterious day forward to all future generations.

For the current generation it was that gorgeous late summer Tuesday morning when death came calling from the skies, bringing down those majestic Twin Towers of glass and steel with thousands of innocent people still inside.

For our grandparents generation it was December the 7th, 1941, a date which thus far has lived in infamy.

But for us aging baby boomers it was that early Friday afternoon exactly 53 years ago when breathless breaking news bulletins first somewhat prepared us for the unthinkable:  "Shots fired on the Presidential motorcade". 

All too many of which, found their mark.

Never have gray November skies seemed so cold and lifeless, never has silence been so sustained as the world seemed to come to a complete stop for days on end.

While our innocence was lost that awful day in Dallas, our resolve was not.  We are still the greatest country on the planet, although we bear scars from all these catastrophic events. 

As long as we remember who we are and from where we've come, the future beams brightly indeed.


Dr. Ed said...

The question I ask is if he would he have won re-election in 1964.

And if he would have been able to complete a second term. He had some serious health issues, in addition to his WW-II back injury.

Anonymous said...

Now Trump want's to dismantle his legacy...just Say'n ?????!!!!