Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sleepy Sunday?

UMass Campus Pond sometime this morning (depending if you turned back the clock)
Fort River, Amherst College, town center, UMass

Well it started off pretty nice with a vibrant morning light you tend to see after late night thunderstorms, and then the realization you have not turned back the clock so suddenly an extra hour is available.  

What do do?

 Catching rays at Fine Arts Center Same location UMass but looking straight down.

Well fly of course.

 Townehouse quad follow up to yesterday's play date

APD has been on scene between Shays Street and South East Street all day today after a neighbor reported suspicious activity of two men in the woods where last week the assault by would be Ninjas took place on a South East Street rental property where drugs and cash were stolen.

 APD off Shays Street searching the woods with metal detectors and using leaf blowers
Staging at alternative South East Stree High School this afternoon.

Patrick Bemben was battered by the occupants of the house defending their stash and captured by APD, but his co-conspirators managed to escape a manhunt that included K9 dogs and Mass State Police helicopter.

Patrick Bemben intake photo courtesy APD

If they were Bemben's fellow Ninjas maybe they were looking for drugs they dropped or the glock handgun.  One of the first officers on scene today reported finding a "tactical glove" sitting on the ground which would seem to indicate it was dropped recently rather than last week since a lot of leaves have fallen over the past few days.


Anonymous said...

The stoners stashed it in a " Trumpkin "- what's he smoking ?!!!

Anonymous said...

Did they arrest two or not?

Larry Kelley said...

No, Chief Livingstone just confirmed there were no arrests.

keithw said...

I guess NIMBY now stands for Ninjas In My Back Yard.