Thursday, November 3, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

In 2014, three times as many males were arrested for drunk driving as females

Considering how many drunk runs AFD had over the Halloween weekend I was actually a little surprised there were not more drunk driving arrests. 

In all Amherst "only" had three total, two of them APD and the other one by UMPD.  All three took the legally admissible breath test and the results were not even close.

Only one however, Steven Ferry, came to an immediate pleas deal with the Commonwealth, a standard 24D disposition

 Steven Ferry, age 22, stands before Judge Thomas Estes
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Judge Estes was uncomfortable with him making such a quick decision so he assigned him a public defender who did not talk him out of it.  Probably a good thing, with a BAC three times the legal limit.

So an hour later he came back before Judge Estes. After the Judge accepted his signed plea -- aka "green sheet" -- he asked the standard question of "where did you have your last drink."   Mr. Ferry responded "Mission Cantina" in South Amherst. 

 Luke Toomey, age 22

Luke Wallace decided to hire his own private attorney and Keith Diaz had a public defender assigned to him.  Both will return to District Court next month. 

Keith Diaz, age 20


Anonymous said...

Untucked shirt look is okay for most casual situations. Court, not so much.

Wrinkled suit is borderline. Perhaps an iron would be in order as a Christmas present.

Anonymous said...

Untucked shirt, yes, but it's also his insolent attitude that's not winning over any judges. Seems like he's saying "yeah, what the hell you gonna do about it?" in a cheap NJ accent.

Anonymous said...

The work of keeping drunk driving abuse in the headlines is very commendable -since I was crippled for life by a hit & run DWI perp-I lost everything- the perps busy making whoopie with his new "Coyote Ugly" barroom girlfriend- must be nice-I'll now never be able to marry or have children-life-liberty-and the pursuit of happiness- also applies to those who wish to live-or be free from catastrophic injury and crippling mutilation molest from some losers cheap excesses..

Anonymous said...

The serious job of reporting drunk driving abuse and keeping it in the headlines is never more needed or commendable than by potential victims-or actual ones-like myself. Life-liberty-and the pursuit of happiness also applies to those who which to just live free from either death or my crippling maiming catastrophic mutilation at the hands of a DWI hit & run drunk driver-who is now making whoopie with his "Coyote Ugly" barroom style girlfriend-even though I lost everything and am the one actually not allowed to drive again-or marry-have children.This is the real injustice-not the perps being denied the right to go on the lam for murder !