Monday, April 4, 2016

Winter's Last Offensive

Tuesday morning. Back to looking pretty
Truck into stump Belchertown Road (Rt 9), driver transported to CDH

Sunday the white stuff was just enough to make things look pretty, but on Monday it brought a little chaos, closing public schools (except UMass) and contributing to dozens of accidents all over our town and surrounding communities served by Amherst Fire Department.

 Mill Valley Road, Hadley: car into tree (no injuries)

Some drivers were fortunate in not finding a solid object to stop their vehicle after going into a slide on ice and simply needed a wrecker to pull them back onto the road.

 Car pulled back onto road South Pleasant Street

Others were less fortunate as bridge abutments, trees, telephone poles, stumps and guard rails brought their out of control vehicles to an instant stop.

Car into bridge abutment South East Street

DPW counterattacks, town center

Miss Emily and Mr. Frost yesterday:  having a pleasant conversation

Miss Emily and Mr. Frost today:  "What the Hell?!"


Dr. Ed said...

One other thing about K-12 -- you don't have to drive to work when it snows...

Anonymous said...

Once again pd and fd have to pick up the slack because DPW doesn't do it's job. Expect another grievance to be filed.

Anonymous said...

Make that 2 for South East Street.

Anonymous said...

We live in New England when the weather gets bad we slow down. If you don't
a tree or other object will do the job for you.

So smarten up people.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you didn't get out of Town yesterday, Amherst had some of the best roads in the area.

Dr. Ed said...

Presuming the DPW dropped the ball (not saying they did), the issue is not the harm that caused the public, but that because the public was harmed, APD & AFD had to do extra work. Extra work to honor their promise to the public to be there for them (as best they can).

We don't see advocacy for the public here -- no, we see complaints about workloads.

This is bull=bleep...