Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wasting Sunshine

Ye old, old landfill off Old Farm Road

Any Yankee farmer will tell you to make hay while the sun shines, and these days that sunshine also contributes to the energy grid.  Although the gold rush to solar arrays stalled once the incentive net metering cap was reached.

Newer old landfill Belchertown Road (just across the street)

Yesterday, however, Governor Baker signed a bill lifting the net metering caps but reducing the compensation rate by 40% for larger commercial arrays.  

So I was a little worried about our two proposed large commercial projects out on the old landfill and the old, old landfill across the street.

And quite frankly, I still am.

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Anonymous said...

So much for those promised millions, er thousands, er $4.73.

Anonymous said...

Sun Edison is facing bankruptcy. How does that effect our town's signed contracts with them?

Dr. Ed said...

Larry, this is bullshit. Even if burning the natural gas much of which would otherwise eventually vent into the atmosphere is actually causing problems -- and remember that Methane is a much more effective "Greenhouse Gas" than CO2 -- it would be much more effective to fund research than to subsidize obsolete technology.

All this crap does is raise our electric bills and Charlie Baker is well on his way to being a one-term Governor. Gotta love the mASSgop...

Anonymous said...

Geezum-As a crippled for life victim of a hit and run drunk driver-I was most assaulted at a Hadley Stop & Shop handicapped parking place by an illegal non placard bearing silver women in a Volvo with a "I donated to N.P.R. tote..a crowd gathered and laughed at her. Think of all the "Blowhard" hot air wasted on touting "Sustainability"..only to succumb to NIMBY attitudes with this landfill solar project-I guess maybe these types should just stick to artsy conversation starter coffee klatch table conversation books-at Umass sponsored cocktail parties-they don't put the foot where the mouth is !! Go figure !!!