Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunny Sunday Over Amherst Construction

Crotty Hall, North Pleasant Street, adjacent to Gordon Hall
UMass Design Building
UMass Physical Sciences Building just getting started
 Olympia Place dorms, Olympia Drive near UMass (top right)
Amherst College Greenway Dorms
One East Pleasant Street, town center.  Still doing asbestos removal before total demolition
R.W. Kern Center, Hampshire College
Hitchcock Center, Hampshire College

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Anonymous said...

Most of these are new scars on the face of Mother Earth. The UMass Design building is a good exception, built on a parking lot; 1 E. Pleasant and the AC Greenway dorms are also near exceptions, though some trees and greenspace were or will be sacrificed in their construction. The UMass Physical Sciences building is an historical and ecological tragedy, destroying dozens of mature trees and demolishing one of the original brick buildings (the West Experiment Station) on campus (though a "Disneyland"-like reconstruction is promised). It's a challenge to re-use older buildings, and expensive to build new ones that will last for centuries, but that might be more sustainable….