Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DUI Dishonor Roll

About 300,000 people drive drunk daily with only 3,200 arrested

Once again we had a relatively safe weekend on our public roads when it comes to the significant dangers presented by impaired drivers.

Amherst police took only one driver, a college aged youth, off the road and charged him with Operating Under the Influence.

 Shear-Yashuv Shearammisha, age 22, stands before Judge Thomas Estes

Interestingly Mr. Shear-Yashuv took both the Portable Breath Test (not admissible in Court) and the official chemical breath test (Court admissible) back at the station with the same results, .12 -- or 50% over the limit.

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But it does go to show the PBT, widely used in the field, is accurate.

The other area arrest (in Hadley) we may see more of all too soon once recreational pot is legalized.  Again, the chemical breath test is interesting because it shows 0.0 for a reading, as obviously it is designed to detect alcohol, not pot.

So in this particular case the prosecution will have to rely on the observations of the arresting officer.

 Shane Leehim, age 26, stands before Judge Estes

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