Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Lord Jeffery Inn

You could tell Select Board member Jim Wald (who works for a sorta competing higher education entity) was not overly impressed with a request from Amherst College owned Lord Jeffery Inn for a 50% break on parking fees for an event next March.

After Chair Alisa Brewer breathlessly explained that the Lord Jeff had booked the event before realizing the parking rate had doubled from $5 to $10 per bag (thus reserving the space for their use only) and they were requesting a one time rollback to the old rate.

Mr Wald responded incredulously with only word, "Seriously?!"

Probably because the Lord Jeff Inn is valued at over $5 million, although to their great credit they do pay both property taxes and the town's local Hotel/Motel Tax (unlike cheapskate UMass Campus Center Hotel).

Which set the tone for the rest of the brief discussion.  The board unanimously approved setting aside the 40 spaces, but at the current $10 rate.

Last year: bagged parking meters in front of Lord Jeff for a wedding


Anonymous said...

Blue collar town employees don't get a break either!

Anonymous said...

March, eh? Must be for the Blarney.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the rate should be doubled after the first 20 "bags" and quadrupled after the next 10 and so forth - like some utilities do to encourage reduction in energy use and like we used to do for water/sewer rates?

Anonymous said...

So, these types can make us feel unwelcome in our own town, and do that luxury all on the cheap ?What gives-college prince blowhard that drives us from local eateries ? Only in Amherst. !!!