Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Timely Audit

Amherst Media needs to relocate to a new building within the next year

In addition to the bombshell about UMass possibly being a cable scofflaw dropped at last week's Cable Advisory Committee Meeting, Amherst Media Director Jim Lescault requested the CAC authorize a five year audit of Comcast revenues.

Because Amherst Media funding (around $300K annually) consists of 5% of the Comcast pie (around $6 million annually) for every dollar the audit turns up that was, err, hidden that would be five cents in revenue to Amherst Media.

Of course there is the matter of the $28,000 cost of the audit, which could be reduced significantly if other cities and towns join in. 

 Most recent Comcast quarterly revenue report

But the audit doesn't necessarily need to turn up hidden revenues that match the cost of the audit, since the hard to measure benefit is the negotiation value of catching Comcast doing something unseemly.  Not that enormous corporations are known to do that (sarcasm).

The Cable Advisory Committee voted to support the legal services request but it will be up to the Select Board to make it so.

Cable Advisory Committee meeting 12/14/15.  One member resigned so they are in need of a new volunteer


Anonymous said...

Does the 5% include the $$$ gets for managing the Mullens Center?

Larry Kelley said...

Doesn't even include the internet or phone revenues, only television.

Anonymous said...

Who says there is money missing?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone do math? They will only get 5% of any missing revenue. If there is even any. All risk, no reward.

Anonymous said...

You know, Comcast has lawyers too. Wait until they audit Amherst Media. Hope their new headquarters won't be in a glass house.