Monday, December 14, 2015

Protecting History

The Evergreens on a bright October day

The Evergreens, immediate neighbor and family member of the Emily Dickinson Homestead Museum, will become a lot safer if the Community Preservation Act Committee recommends the $200,000 request for a new high pressure water mist fire suppression system. 

The actual cost of the system is over $400,000 but museum officials have a donor who will match the CPA grant should it be approved by Town Meeting in the spring. 

Both the Dickinson Homestead and the Evergreens are owned by Amherst College, the largest property owner in town.  The Dickinson houses attract thousands of visitors to our little college town from all over the world. 


Anonymous said...

Because Amherst College is out of money? Sounds like the perfect use of their $2 billion (no that's not a misprint) endowment.

Anonymous said...

This does seem like a self-serving request considering how little the college contributes to our town's tax base. And don't forget it spent $100k to move a tree.