Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Proven Track Record?

McMurphy's Uptown Tavern 9:45 AM

Well at least the Gazette did not put this front page story about bars opening late on Blarney Blowout above the fold.  Although they still forget to mention how important weather will be on Saturday.

Since Amherst Select Board members are the town Liquor Commissioners they can do pretty much anything they wish with a liquor license.

So you have to wonder how hard it was for the Town Manager to "negotiate" a later bar opening on Saturday when the town could simply have said, "Okay fine, we're suspending all alcohol sales on Saturday in the name of public safety."

After the disaster unleashed in town center in 2012 the Select Board should have suspended McMurphy's and Stacker's liquor license for a few days to send a message, which would have gone a long way towards avoiding the riots in 2013 and 2014.

Now they are giving them a medal for "working toward the common good."  Better late than never I suppose.


Anonymous said...


Town fails over and over at keeping the peace....

...then turns to the private sector for help at the last minute in despiration.

...and still ignores the obvious wag the dog solution. All the students need is a distraction as opposed to the challenge constantly presented to them here and by town officials.

Since they are only trying more and more force, you cannot logically expect peace. I actually don't even really think that they want the violence to end, or they would go about this smarter in stead of throwing money, police and now business closures at the problem.

Wasting money, sending out storm troopers and closing businesses have never made society better. By definition, this only reduces our resources, gets people hurt and reduces people's essential pay/profit It only stirs the pot, like it has the last couple of years.

But this is Amherst, where for some reason it seems ok to punish party B for the actions of party S (or rather people that used to be part of party S), while party A simply changes the rules to fit their most recent failure, even though party A caused this due to not having the needed management skills or trust in the first place.

Let me guess, after all this effort, when the town fails at keeping the peace - it still wont be their fault....only a nitwit troll would say otherwise.

Amherst needs a little more "make love, not war"...just proves the hippies lost, the yuppies won.

Anonymous said...

Are they going to allow lines to form outside the bars prior to 4pm on what looks will be the warmest day of 2015? Students will just drink at parties then make their way into town in mobs for the 4pm opening. And suddenly despite what Harold Tramazzo claims the Hanger may become a college bar, if only for a day. And Rafters, a much bigger place than any bar uptown and just as close walking distance to campus plan son opening at 11am Saturday.

It's just rearrange the furniture.

Larry Kelley said...

On the good ship Titanic.

Anonymous said...

Saturday's forecast is for mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid to upper 30's. That'll feel like a relative heatwave with all the frigid temps we've had. This coupled with a generally rebellious feeling among some college-aged youth toward the town for its attempted quelling of the Blowout will likely result in events similar too, if not worse than last year.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Larry! Leave kids alone! All in all you're just a-- nother brick in the wall.

Anonymous said...

Us kids, not kids. Leave us kids alone. God these kids can't even get a lyric right.

Anonymous said...

A case of beer is cheaper than a bar visit

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40am, some of your ideas may work. However, many people object to the unintended consequences of your approach.
The town is not dealing with children, these perps are adults.
Most people, even in Amherst, believe in law and order, and prefer to hold adults accountable for their actions within the framework of the legal system, and do not want to cater to criminals as though they were children.
Adults find their own diversions, parents provide it for their children.
Richard Marsh