Friday, March 6, 2015

Fireground: 106 Belchertown Road

AFD Engine 2 (the quint)

Amherst Fire Department. with the help of APD, knocked down a fire at 106 Belchertown Road, a three story, two family house.  Everyone managed to get out safely.

The 911 call for smoke in the building came in around 8:15 PM and the first arriving police officer reported fire in the upper floor.

AFD Engine 3, (UMass) Student Call Force

Firefighters used an interior attack and had the flames put down in about a half-hour.  Fortunately public safety staffing levels were higher than normal in preparation for Blarney Blowout.

Busy RT9 was closed for a half mile on either side of the location to allow firefighters to do their work.  The road was still closed at 9:30 PM, waiting for the DPW to come sand the ice created by water run off.

AFD Chief Tim Nelson (center) Chaplain Bruce Arbour  (left) Assistant Chief Stromgren (right)

AFD Engine 1 on scene


Anonymous said...

8:00 AM Saturday morning
Car Drives through intersection of Rt. 9 & South East Street. 4 occupants dressed in bright green. Guy in back seat has bright green mustache.

8:20 AM Guy in bright green shirt drives by.

8:22 AM Guy walking up main street in bright green t-shirt, no jacket. It's 3 degrees out.

8:24 AM Guy leaving house along Rt. 9 has bright green sweatshirt on.

Stragglers from last night's parties, or a sign of bad things to come?

Fenway617 said...

Is this the same house that had a fire a month ago?

Larry Kelley said...

No, that was 222 Belchertown Road (although they do look very much alike)