Saturday, March 21, 2015

North Amherst: Can't Stop Progress

 The sun also rises over entrepreneurial rebuilding

The renovation of a former cow barn for Atkins North is moving along at flank speed and may actually see satisfied customers before the end of August, in time for when the swallows, err, students return to Capistrano, err, Amherst.

Not that a chic operation like Atkins needs to rely on students.

 Helpful that Cowls President Cinda Jones husband can operate an excavator

Large windows are framed in the south wall

South east corner needed the most work

Adjacent abandoned barn is almost contigious

The immediate neighboring barn, however, may not be as fortunate as the cow barn.  Last July 22nd the Amherst Historical Commission placed a one year demo delay on the ancient structure, but no plans have been forthcoming for its revitalization.

W.D. Cowls President Cinda Jones would like to save the barn and is willing to lease it for $1/year for 20 years to anyone who can renovate it with a business plan that's complimentary to the The Mill District.  

 Roof is starting to collapse
And has plenty of holes

Otherwise, in the interest of public safety -- especially Atkins North customers -- the building will come down.  The clock is ticking.

Currently the barn screens the Mill District from neighbors along Montague Road


Anonymous said...

Sorry Cinda -- the higher education economy is imploding and, well, I don't know what money you think people are going to be spending in 10 years when the folks with it now are in nursing homes and there is no one with it in Amherst.

Anonymous said...

Need a photo of Bread and Butter- (the road is too torn up to drive down for a visit)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, UMASS will wither and die. Bray ha ha ha! Yeah, right. I'll take that bet. No way.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I had dinner (well, breakfast FOR dinner) a couple weeks ago at the new Bread and Butter. I've got to tell you, I am really excited about this part of town coming to life. I hope the progress and energy here will cascade over to some other N. Amherst developments like that blight behind the library. Go North Amherst, form-based zoning be damned!