Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DUI Dishonor Roll

 Drinking six beers and piloting a pickup truck don't mix

In what will probably be the last somewhat quiet weekend (brought on by Spring Break) until UMass graduation in May, Amherst police still managed to arrest two impaired drivers, Brett Fellows, age 42, and Christopher Chilson, age 25.

 Christopher Chilson stands before Judge John Payne

Amherst police had been called to a house on West Street in South Amherst for reports of a breaking & entering in progress.  The reporting party said she and her boyfriend had barricaded themselves in the basement after hearing glass breaking and then footsteps.

Police surrounded the house but found nothing.

Until Mr. Chilson came roaring along in his F350 pickup truck.

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Amherst Police also arrested Brett Fellows, in spite of his refusal to take the Field Sobriety Test.  He also refused the chemical breath test back at police headquarters, which will make it somewhat harder to prosecute the case.

Both individuals had a plea of "not guilty" entered in their behalf and their cases were continued until next month after they each told the Judge they would be hiring a private attorney.

 Brett Fellows arraigned before Judge Payne


Anonymous said...

Age 42. Not exactly a student.

Larry Kelley said...

If I had to guess about half the 125 or so arrests for DUI over the past year were not students.

Anonymous said...

Not all APD/AFD woes come from students