Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things That Go Bump ...

Cottage Street near town center

Last night the Select Board gave unanimous approval for the DPW to install three speed bumps along the short length of Cottage Street, which connects Triangle Street with Chestnut Street and is often used as a "cut through" to get to the High School or Middle School.

Although rookie SB member Connie Kruger expressed reservations: "I see them as a last resort" and she feared, "Now everybody is going to want them." But she still went along with the other four members in voting yes.

DPW Chief Guilford Mooring called them "The best option," pointing out that the majority of speeders are not local residents who live on the street so "education" will not work all that well.  

And the road is already undergoing major renovations, so to install the bumps now would be slightly more economical. Total cost of the project is $122,000.


Anonymous said...

Have they fixed the flash flooding issue that always seems to happen when it rains at the Cottage st/Triangle Street area?

Anonymous said...

I hope the same goes on Pine St. when repaved?

Larry Kelley said...

Not as of the discussion at last night's Select Board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Did the do the required environmental impact study?

I doubt it because what do you think the impact of a lot of buses, fuel oil delivery trucks and whatnot coming to a full stop before each bump and then burning dirty diesel fuel to get going again will be?

Anonymous said...

Speed humps are stupid. Knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know:
Amherst calls them Speed Bumps while
Northampton calls them Speed Humps
(signs on Williams Street and near Look Park)

Stuart Rankin said...

My kid's car got caught in a flash flood there a few years ago. It filled it up above the door sills!

I would think the situation should improve at least a little bit when Kendrick Place is complete. The water used to flow off that empty lot in sheets b/c the soil was so compacted. Once the building is done, the site will have zero runoff heading toward Cottage Street or anywhere else. They are putting in huge retention pipes underneath the sidewalks; you could see them a couple weeks ago, giant 8 foot diameter plastic tubes.