Monday, August 25, 2014

A Question Of Priorities?

Leisure Services & Supplemental Education (aka Recreation Department)

In addition to the $212,000 tax dollars lost on one golf course and two outdoor pools last year, the main governmental recreation entity that manages both of those, LSSE, also lost an additional $349,246 on other recreational programs.

Yes, that brings total losses last year on recreation to well over a half million dollars.  Or $561,246 to be exact.  For RECREATION.

Recreation program fell short of budget revenue projections by $141, 984
Hidden costs:  Employee Benefits, capital = $207,262 in additional losses


Anonymous said...

Yup, and didn't the the director get a reclassification pay increase.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why enrollment in many LSSE programs continues to drop? Seems in many cases they're pricing themselves out of the affordable mainstream. It is a simple, vicious cycle of price/demand. Charge too much leads to less participation means less revenue...leads to charging more to the remaining participants until there are no more...

High pricing leads to loss of their edge over for-profit programs (which do a better job for folks that are willing to pay for) or to neighboring towns or other competing programs. In some cases, LSSE is more that double that of our neighbors.

The result? People take their show on the road or do something else.

Greed leads to zero.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, meanwhile I sit around at 2:00 AM and wait an hour for the police to quell the party next door.

Anonymous said...

For perspective -- and my info is old, it likely is more now: $500K is what the Amherst Police get in traffic ticket revenue annually.