Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Da da da da double vision

No you're not seeing double when ambling thru the heart of downtown.

That really is a double banner hanging over South Pleasant street, and yes it is even rarer than a double rainbow.  The DPW accidentally double booked the popular marketing service (for non-profits only), so this was the Yankee farmer solution.  

And hey, since the town charges $80/week per banner, it's a quick way to double revenues.  At least Miss Emily gets top billing.


Young'uns on Heatherstone Road have taken matters into their own artistic hands to decry dangerous speeders.  

Apparently APD got the message, as I heard a traffic enforcement operation last weekend over the scanner that slowed down or stopped cars the guaranteed way, via blue lights flashing.

My personal favorite:

 At least they said "Thanks"


Anonymous said...

I like the one with the child's name!
______ wants you to slow down!

The summer projects of our youth!

Anonymous said...

What a positive display of community caring and involvement at a grass roots level! Thanks for sharing Larry!

Anonymous said...

Signs, mysteriously and sadly, were all taken by an unknown person on Friday night. We hope they will be returned to the kids who made them.