Wednesday, August 20, 2014

$2000 Fine vs $100 Compliance Fee

 25 Butterfield Terrace

The last of the housing holdouts paid their dues and the town's rental stock is now 100% in compliance with the new Rental Registration and Permit Bylaw, overwhelmingly passed by Amherst Town Meeting last year.

On Monday Amherst Building Inspector Jon Thompson appeared in Eastern Hampshire District Court before a Clerk Magistrate.  Of the six cases he presented, one was continued to August 29 (Kathleen Maiolatesi), with all the others ended favorably for the town.

Deborah Kruger failed to show up for the hearing, costing her $1,700.  The three parking citations were all upheld and the perps paid $100 each.  And Alpha Tae Gamma (25 Butterfield Terrace) settled before the hearing by agreeing to pay $2,000.

FY15 only started July 1st


Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice the discrepancy in dates on the first two notices? One stated that letters had been mailed out to everyone, with a 13 June compliance date; the other, with 30 May. Which is it? Couldn't this lack of uniformity result in an equal protection challenge and get the Town in a bit of hot water?

Just askin'

Larry Kelley said...


Letters went out in two batches to the last 32 non conformers. 19 in one batch, 13 in the other.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Larry - appreciate your thoroughness.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work by Jon Thompson and Rob Morra! Thank you thank you thank you!
And thanks also to all committee and town meeting members that got the bylaw passed.

Dr. Ed said...

I will believe this is something more than yet another attack on the UMass students when I see the town back a student on a code issue.

I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

I think the student was on PCP. You, Ed?

Dr. Ed said...

I don't give a F*** what the student is on. If the roof is gushing water every time it rains, or if there is no heat in February, or if the building is structurally unsound and likely to fall down, it has nothing to do with anything other than these facts.

Anonymous said...

Calm it down Ed. With all your freaking out about everything you're gonna give yourself a heart attack. The whole world is not attacking UMASS students just for kicks. Just because you apparently had a terrible experience doesn't mean everyone else does too.
I'm sure there are violations that don't get addressed and have to be fought for but I'm also sure there are way more that are resolved without an issue.

Stuart Rankin said...

There's more to this story than meets the eye:

"If the roof is gushing water every time it rains, or if there is no heat in February, or if the building is structurally unsound and likely to fall down"

or... unsprinklered as we have seen twice in the last year in the aging apartment complexes.

This accurately describes most of the apartments and rooms-for-rent in this town. And yet we have a new "citizen organization", the "Commons Group" founded by Mary Wentworth, whose express purpose is to prevent the construction of modern housing with sprinklers to replace our aging housing stock in Amherst Center (specifically, to try to prevent the coming - and much needed - redevelopment / modernization of the Carriage Shops).

Only in the Republic of Amherst do you see people frothing at the mouth to prevent the conversion of an old motel being used as a strip mall into much needed, modern housing and retail space. They would rather have our Town be old and decrepit and falling apart and call it "preservation." I call it hoarding, and of the worst kind, as it drags us all down just like a bad neighbor.

Tell me, what happens when you prevent new development in remote areas AND in village centers close to the University?

Anonymous said...

What is or where can I find the laws regarding sprinkler systems in rental properties in Amherst?
Thanks, Susan

Larry Kelley said...

Amherst goes by state code: