Sunday, February 3, 2013

Score 1 For Transparency

Stan Rosenberg on a visit to Pioneer Vally Chinese Immersion Charter School in 2009

So it's hard to believe it has been two years but I notice by today's Sunday Republican "How They Voted" that our state legislature finally got around to fixing their website so that roll call votes can now be posted online rather than only being available by hard copy in a remote State House office. 

Bravo!  (Of course now I have to wonder why it took two years.) 

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Tom McBride said...

I agree, when somebody says they're going to do it, they should just do it. It just makes people cynical when it takes two years and they say "it's the website", or "we forgot", or, "there were unprojected delays", or, "we didn't feel like it", or, "my kid had to go to the doctor", and so on. I'm sure there are some other really creative ones.