Monday, February 11, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

Mass had 114 drunk driving deaths in 2011; and 122 in 2010 according to MADD 

One benefit from the Governor banning traffic during the major snowstorm is a major reduction in DUIs.  After all, no driving = no drunk driving.

But there was one potentially killer incident to report earlier in the week.  Worse yet, this is her second offense, on an early Wednesday morning no less.  Once again underscoring how lenient Massachusetts court system is with drunk drivers. 

At 1:12 AM early Wednesday Amherst Police stopped Ashley Anne Strickland, age 26, for an expired inspection sticker not far from town center.  Her good judgment was also expired as she failed the Field Sobriety Test and was  arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Strike two!

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