Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

 Mill Lane near South Pleasant Street

So this drunk driving incident Sunday evening, could have been tragic in, oh, so many ways.

If not for a large old fallen tree the auto would have ended up in the freezing Fort River.  In fact a chain saw had to be called in to get the car up and out of the embankment.

And when you're impaired enough not to negotiate a very minor curve in the road, chances are you would also have trouble escaping a vehicle quickly filling up with frigid, fast moving water.

If first responders arrived in time they would put themselves at great risk fishing the driver out of the river.

Since Mill Lane is one of the last unpaved roads in Amherst it is a well used path for joggers and dog walkers, like my wife for instance.  And 9:46 p.m. is not all that late.

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Jared said...

He must have had a rough day working over at the Dining Commons. No excuse though

Tom McBride said...

That's irresponsible what the driver did, but if the car went into the river and the first responders were at risk, that's their job. Nobody feels good about it. If they felt their job wasn't going to involve risk they shouldn't chosen that profession.