Monday, January 28, 2013

Sashiburi, Mr. President

The Kennedy Room, Hotel Boston Plaza Kusatsu 

After an entertaining, comfortable, two hour ride on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto we took another 20 minute ride on a  crowded commuter train to Kusatsu and then walked about 100 yards to the Boston Plaza Hotel.  It was an old world hotel modeled on -- you guessed it -- elegant Boston hotels.

 Commuter Train, Kyoto Station

Apparently the owner is big on Boston, and at one point wanted the entire block around his hotel modeled on a Boston street scape; but even he was not rich enough to pull that off.  And I suppose if you're a big fan of Boston it makes sense to also be captivated by the Kennedy mystique.

The Kennedy Room had wall-to-wall framed photos of our former President (although none of them aboard PT 109 or the Dallas motorcade) and Mrs Kennedy looking like the fashionable First Lady she was.

And just to show how elegant the rooms were: heated toilet seats. 
Toto Washlet

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