Friday, January 11, 2013

At the Mercy of the Media

 Old Amherst Landfill, Belchertown Road, Planet Earth

The problem with involving the main stream media early on with an "unusual" story like a UFO sighting is that they don't really take it seriously.

It's soooo much easier to go with the cheap, quick, extraterrestrial angle; thus opening the door to sniping from the legions of anonymous critics Amherst has accumulated over the years.

There's no question something was spotted in the air over the old landfill early on Tuesday night.  The question is, was it indeed something unusual?  And if so, what are the possibilities?

I saw the twitter breaking news report almost immediately and went outside to take a look.  Both a C5A and a helicopter soon ambled overhead, but that is certainly not all that unusual considering the close proximity of Westover, Barnes and Bradley airfields, all of which host the military.

And we did have a Chinook helicopter drop in unexpectedly last June.

Which brings up an obvious question.  If the modus operandi  of the object (mainly the part about "silent") did not fit those usual suspects, could it have been something else military related, like a drone

These days drone technology is seeping its way into non military uses as well.  The Occupy folks used one as an eye in the sky to monitor police while police departments nationwide are also starting to use them for surveillance, although raising concerns about privacy.  And safety.

And no, Amherst Police Department does not have a drone.  Although ... that would be a convenient way to keep an eye on Party Houses this coming spring.   


What's wrong with this close?  (Umm, maybe the wrong month):


Anonymous said...

Martians refueling with methane gas. Move along.

Anonymous said...

Who in there right mind is going to take a UFO sighting in Amherst seriously anyway. We have so many FlufferNutters floating through life here we are the running joke of most news reports.

Who needs a porch light any-way? said...

"I give them credit. If they want to talk about it ... I think it's fine. I wouldn't want to deny someone their experience," said Ruth Hooke, an Amherst resident."

Yessss yesssss yessss, annnnny experience... which doesn't include criticism of the local utopia.

(or support of nuclear energy, for that matter)

Let's see, ummmm...


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a mini hot air balloon (plastic bag with candle).

Everyone Else said...

News flash, all news about Amherst is a joke. And we aren't anonymous critics, we're called the rest of society.