Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Many Does It Take?

Workers adjust the BoA lighted sign on the most unrevered building in downtown Amherst


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what this post is suppose to mean if you could clarify

Larry Kelley said...

Slow news day. And Wednesday's are usually my #1 day for readership.

Still, townies will understand.

Anonymous said...

Larry, can you explain something to me? It seems clear that anyone involved in planning or zoning downtown Amherst is hell bent on "preservation" and very suspicious of development.

Yet, when I look at a building like BoA, or it's diagonal cousin Subway, I ask myself, "what exactly are they preserving here?" Whatever charm the downtown might have is lurking beneath the tacky exteriors of these, and other buildings.

It's almost as if the town only takes action (well, ALLOWS other people to act) at the very last moment, which is when the worst and least thought-through choices are made.