Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 141 Leverett Road, Amherst.  Garage
How you can help

The first major structure fire of the year, a rare event for Amherst, struck a house at 141 Leverett Road last night around 5:15 PM, only about two miles from AFD North Station.

Amherst firefighters were on the scene quickly, with mutual aid provided by units from Belchertown and Northampton, but the fire was already roaring.

The family of five got out of the 1.5 level wood frame structure safely, although one person was slightly burned and treated on the scene.  The house appears to be a major loss.
141 Leverett Road, Amherst.  Main house


Meg Rosa said...

We are working with the school to out together a plan to help the family out with donations. I will have more information for needs within a few hours.

Anonymous said...

I happened to be driving down Leverett Road toward Amherst when the AFD was just arriving. Even from 50 or more yards away, the front of the house was already engulfed in flames. The AFD and police were there in full force, so I turned around and found another route home.