Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Mission Cantina, 485 West Street, South Amherst: about to more than double in capacity 

Acting as Liquor Commissioners last night, an enthusiastic Amherst Select Board unanimously approved an "alteration of premises" thus allowing Mission Cantina to serve alcohol in the newly expanded space, which effectively doubles the physical size of the popular South Amherst eatery.

Select Board member Aaron Hayden noted how happy he was to take part in this bureaucratic procedure for Mission Cantina as it  "demonstrates a very successful business." SB member Diana Stein then quipped, "Which means you have to wait to get in there."

The restaurant opened in the summer of  2011 and has seen lines out the front door almost since day one.  The original facility only has four tables seating a total of sixteen, while the new addition will add five tables seating twenty, or more than doubling the restaurant's seating capacity to thirty six.

The Zoning Board of Appeals approved a Special Permit required for the expansion/renovation on August 3rd, although owners did note on their Facebook page that it required seven months to acquire a building permit.

The $45,000 expansion, is now almost complete with a mid-January opening expected.  In addition to business as usual -- great food -- Mission Cantina plans to start serving a lunch menu and staying open into the late night. 


Anonymous said...

Was the selectboard swooning?

They definitely have their favorite businesses and make sure to let us know!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Mission Cantina and I don't mind waiting 40 mins for a table sometimes. Glad they are expanding! I wish the exterior of the building would be spruced up, it's looking pretty shabby right now!

Sasha said...

anon 11:01, it's only fair. Mission Cantina serves delicious food in an upbeat setting and their mixed drinks are unmatched by anything else in town. it's only fair that the selectboard be playing favorites- Mission Cantina is a TOWN favorite.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't address the lack of parking.