Saturday, December 15, 2012

Do Over?

 Scott Brown could put his left over campaign paraphernalia to good use

President Obama may has just given the GOP an early Christmas present if reports coming out in reliable mainstream media are true, that Massachusetts Senator John Kerry will become the next Secretary of State. 

Yes, Governor Patrick could stack the deck somewhat by appointing a real contender to occupy Kerry's senate seat rather than just a warm body term-limited to the day of the special election, as was done when Senator Kennedy died.

And look how well that turned out for the democratic party.

When it comes to special elections, Scott Brown has already accomplished the unthinkable -- snatching the throne occupied by a political deity for almost fifty years. 

Obviously in his recent farewell address, Scott Brown all but announced a return to the campaign trail:  "Depending on what happens, and where we go, all of us, we may obviously meet again."

A lot sooner than most democrats expected, obviously.


Anonymous said...

Primary could get interesting -- look for a challenger from the right.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

A challenger from the right? One could only hope.

Anonymous said...

"A lot sooner than most democrats expected, obviously."

Hardly, this was the worst kept secret in politics. The November election didn't really matter because if Scott Brown had won then Elizabeth Warren would have filled Kerry's seat.

Larry Kelley said...

Yeah, I guess I should have said it dated back to 9/11 when officials lied to the American people about what happened at Benghazi and Susan Rice, eventually, took the fall.

Dr. De said...

Stick to your hyper-local topics of interest, LK. You're out of your element even when discussing Boston politics. It's unbecoming of you.

Larry Kelley said...

"All politics is local".

You're a CAN. That too is unbecoming.

Anonymous said...

UM alum Alana Goodman raises an interesting take on this -- M. Stanley being appointed so that Deval Patrick himself can run for the seat.