Friday, December 28, 2012

A Better Life? Nyet!

Vladimir Putin on the prowl

You would think a conservative macho dude like Vladimir Putin would respect and appreciate family values; or more specifically, the value of having a family.

By enacting a ban on United States couples adopting children from his country, the  Russian President has -- for all intents and purposes -- sentenced far too many of these children to a life without love.

If he really wanted to get back at the United States for political humiliations, he should have just challenged President Obama to a wrestling match.

There's still China


Walter Graff said...

"for all intents and purposes -- sentenced far too many of these children to a life without love."

Oh please Larry. Without love? The US adaption of Russian children has dropped considerably over the years to less than a thousand per year today. Only 1 in 10 children brought to the US via intercontinental adoption come from Russia.

Yes part of this decision is political in nature, but part of it is also to increase adoptions in Russia.

Besides the ban on the US, Putin also made it easier for Russians to adopt. Russian adoptions are becoming much more popular there.

About 120k children are available for adoption each year in Russia but bureaucracy there has made it harder for those looking to adopt in the past, mostly because of the large sums people outside of the Russia where willing to pay. Now with this bill more money is being distributed for adoptions in Russia along with a larger pool of potential parents being allowed to adopt and more subsidies being offered for those that do.

There are plenty of children here (as many as are available in Russia) who need adoption so all is not lost and some of the ones here who are 'without love' will find homes too.

Larry Kelley said...

Spoken like a smart ass, know it all who has NOT put in years worth of work, money and waiting ... like those 52 couples who WERE in the home stretch to realizing their dream.

Walter Graff said...

Life throws you a curve ball sometimes Larry.

Unfortunately politics sucks. Just ask the fathers in this country who routinely are thrown out of their home by false accusations and arrests, and then see the courts take their children from them for no reason except for a system that believes in single custody over shared responsibility with no logic, only the false assumption that men are bad and mothers nurturers.

Yes 52 families might not get a child (no one knows what will be decided in those cases), but 52,000+ fathers legally have no rights to their children in this state alone for no good reason at all except for a jaded, corrupt court system. And the loss of money, property, and wages of those fathers far exceeds any overseas adoption payment.

Here's a great video of a daughter denied her father for ten years. This was a special Christmas for her and for him this year.

Sure those potential parents might never get a chance, but how about a father who started to build a legacy only to have his life and his children torn from him making him a visitor to children he loves and would give his life for.

Life goes on Larry and unfortunately not everyone is going to sympathize with your editorials.

We have far more important issues that need to be addressed in this state and this this country.

Xenos said...

Cutting off the almost-finished adoptions seems quite unnecessarily cruel. There is definitely an aspect here of Putin acting to inflame and then meet public outrage with precipitous action. The best interests of th children involved is not very high in his list of priorities when it comes to this law.

If it has the result, down the line, of Russia doing a much better job of caring for and placing orphans zith good, permanent homes that will be a silver lining to this, but we zill not know for a while yet.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for those families who were in the home stretch, almost at the finish line of adopting a child. It has to be heart breaking. I don't think people realize the deep heart ache they must be feeling for all their efforts. Unimaginable.

Tom McBride said...

Oh my God, I think I agree with Larry Kelley on this one. I think the original issue was there a disagreement over the quality of care the children received. I hope that can be cleared up.

But this is it, this is the only thing we'll probably agree on.

I'll say one thing though, at least I put my name on this forum.