Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Stand Up Act

 College Inn Apartments, East Amherst

Since I have never said anything nice about this major absentee landlord, and property manager to other less than sterling Party House owners, I guess that makes the following tip of the hat a man bites dog story:

Eagle Crest Management, owner/manager of College Street Inn, tipped the Amherst Police Department that domestic violence was taking place in one of their apartment units.  Back in October Police arrested Timmy Shawn McGough, 10 Belchertown Rd #1, Amherst, MA, age 40 on charges of Asault and Assault-and-Battery 2nd offense.

And yes, that is two times too many.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the person they are abusing will seek the help of Safe Passage.

Larry Kelley said...

Let's also hope the criminal justice system does not allow him the chance for a third offense.

Anonymous said...

Is it smart to oust who/where the "tip" came from?

Larry Kelley said...

It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this truly was DV and that the other half of the party was not guilty of the same offense. Far too many cases of DV accusations without the who story.