Monday, November 5, 2012

Party Apartment of the Weekend

Presidential Apartments, half-mile from UMass

In case you think the almost zero tolerance displayed by Amherst Police Department for noise/nuisance dwellings is not working I offer the following, normally not newsworthy events, occurring late Saturday night: Police received a call from Phi Sigma Kappa, a Frat located at 510 N Pleasant Street for help clearing a large throng of college aged youth who had showed up looking for a party and were now lingering in their parking lot.

APD and UMPD were happy to oblige and the potential party goers were quickly sent on their way.

And just before midnight a young woman on South East Street (far from the UMass campus) called for help dealing with hundreds of young adults who had showed up to her party "uninvited" and would not leave.  Amherst police convinced them to vacate and the cooperative party host was not ticketed.

Presidential Apartments (#82), on the other hand, was a less than cooperative scenario.  Police were called early Sunday morning (1:09 AM) for "loud noise coming from the basement."  A party of 25 was cleared out but the party goers belligerence, resulting in three arrests.

Louis Zachery Jacobson, 115 Converse St, Longmeadow, Ma, age 21 arrested for Noise and Nuisance violations
Austin J. Seabury, 130 Westmoreland Ave, Longmeadow, Ma, age 20 arrested for under 21 possession alcohol
Lucas Manzi, 148 Grassy Gatter Rd, Springfield, Ma, age 19 arrested for Disorderly conduct, Resisting arrest

On Sunday around noon in a follow up report concerning 11 noise complaints over the weekend an officer, in response to "ongoing problems with parties being held in the basement of Presidential Apartments", sent an email to property manager Kamins Real Estate, putting them on notice.  


Police also arrested a perp for doing something stupid on Amherst Police Department headquarters (which I assume has 24/7 security cameras EVERYWHERE).  Last week three nitwits leaving their cell threw debris in the front entryway and were ticketed for littering, and this weekend at 1:50 AM Dax Tucker was arrested for "disorderly conduct" for peeing on the station's brick wall. 

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