Thursday, November 15, 2012

Smooth Sailing

What a difference a day makes
Crew from Lane Construction prepares to mill and overlay S. Pleasant Street, heart of town center.  Early Christmas present for downtown merchants


Anonymous said...

Waiting on a bus stop bench (article at Gazette)

"Town Manager John Musante, who serves as chairman of the PVTA Advisory Committee, said Tuesday he has known about Hassell’s appeals, but thought the bench had already been installed."

John drives by this intersection everyday on this way to town hall!

Larry Kelley said...

Sounds like she better get her bench soon or he will have to start hiding under his desk.

Anonymous said...

Unless he's moved, Musante doesn't go by that bus stop at all.

Anonymous said...

I know where he lives. He would drive down East Pleasant St (the stop location)to get most places-

(I've previously determined that he doesn't drive into N Amherst as he raves about great road conditions throughout Amherst)