Sunday, July 15, 2012

You can always go...downtown.

The Amherst Crafts on the Common Fair has been attracting devotees for over thirty years now.  Even though the weather Saturday was a tad oppressive it did not stop a gaggle of folks from descending on the downtown main common.

Good for our downtown and great for the sponsor/beneficiary of the event, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Meanwhile Miss Emily was back, stationed between the Farmers Market and the Crafts Fair, this time in a standing position--even on a such a hot humid day.   Can't image that bronze makeup being anything but lava like.
 Miss Emily strikes a pose

The downtown has another attraction, this one at the always attractive Jones Library.  A photo exhibit from the "Children's nature photography workshop" held over three consecutive days in mid April with visits to three conservation areas that the Kestrel Land Trust has been instrumental in forever preserving as open space/conservation.   My daughter was one of the participants and yes, even at age 10, she takes better photos than her dad.
 Jones Library Atrium (2 photos by Kira K)

And tomorrow night the Select Board will discuss and is expected to approve a rather large "street closure" request encompassing half the downtown for the "Celebrate Amherst Block Party" scheduled for Thursday September 13 from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM, the first major production of the new Business Improvement District. (So it better be good!)

The event will have live bands stationed on Kendrick Park in the far north of town center and another band in front of Central Fire Station and is designed to bring together people of all ages for some good clean, controlled fun.

As opposed to the rowdy late-night weekend kind, that is no fun at all for neighborhoods all around this college town.

AFD Central Station (rt) is pretty centrally located

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Anonymous said...

I love the little scroll with a poem on it that Miss Emily gives to you if you donate some money.

Good shot of the Kestrel Trust photos! It must have been hard with the light streaming in from the glass roof.