Thursday, July 5, 2012

Born back ceasely into the past

So yes, Amherst did have a July 4 Parade yesterday.  Hundreds of parents, kids, grandparents, friends, family and their dogs descended on the South Amherst town common as they have for over 100 years to participate in the July 4 Children's Bicycle Parade, a grand neighborhood block party painted in red, white and blue.

And 30 years from now some of these children will bring their children, as the baton is passed...


Anonymous said...

You should check-out the track and field where fireworks were held. In years past, debris from the explosions were left littering the entire area - even in the water, swampland, wooded areas. It's disgusting. Fireworks are not good for the environment or wildlife.

Parades are a different story.

Anonymous said...

I love the South Amherst parade but I don't understand why it wasn't advertised. I checked local papers and blogs and drove by the common the day before looking for a flyer, but I couldn't find any information about the schedule. A few people I know confused it with the other parade and thought it had been canceled, since they hadn't seen anything about it. Great parade, poor advertising, but maybe they don't need the advertising!

Anonymous said...

This wonderful little bit of life found on the South Amherst Common on the 4th of July has been organized by a very small group of people for many years. It has made children and families its focus. It represents to me a great spirit by bringing our friends and neighbors together by keeping it small and a day for children.
If the event were widely known, it would become to large for the area to support. The Munson Memorial Library used to have tag sale for kids by kids. It became so popular that it had to be discontinued since safety of everyone involved became a very large concern.
Glad that all enjoyed the day! This gathering to me represents the 4th best celebration any group could give to its country.