Thursday, July 26, 2012

Take No Prisoners

 Butternut Tree on Shays Street in the public way

Normally I would say anything left leaning will have a long and happy life in the People's Republic of Amherst--just not when it's a tree leaning in the direction of a utility powerline.  For instance, take this butternut on Shays Street--which they are about to do.

Amherst Tree warden Alan Snow gave me a demonstration last week of an inspection double-check on trees marked for death by Western Mass Electric Co. This butternut, besides the lean, has a host of problems--exposed roots, bug bore damage, rip away bark, and a couple of splits he could put his hand in.
Sure he could insist that WMECO simply trim off the overhanging limb as the tree would most likely survive...for now. Until all the other problems meet up with a major storm.
 Tree Warden and DPW division director of trees and parks, Alan Snow

Being judge/jury/executioner for the town's tree canopy is a tough job--perhaps made even tougher by  town meeting approval for 2,000 new trees. Healthy trees--even beautiful old historic ones--are now more subject to extermination for the convenience of developers and the utilities simply because they are so easily replaced by new ones, although a lot less beautiful and historic.

Therefor it's even more imperative we have someone who will speak for the trees.


Anonymous said...

Note how thin the leaf cover is on the part of the tree that isn't leaning over the road. That is not a healthy & vibrant tree.

And the part that Alan has his hand into -- that should have come down long ago. One good gust of wind from the right direction and it would snap.

Larry, you have one of these trees blow down anywhere near your little girls and you are going to have a very different opinion on all of this....

Larry Kelley said...

The odds of my daughters being injured by a drunk driver on the roads in Amherst are FAR greater than the danger prresentef by falling limbs.

Larry Kelley said...

presented ( darn iPhone)

Anonymous said...

What other blogger gets this kind of deference and indulgence from the town authorities?

They know of his vast public.

Larry Kelley said...

Hell hath no fury like a digital journo scorned.