Monday, March 5, 2012

Un-Occupy Amherst

After Bank of America and TD Bank in downtown Amherst were disrupted by a good sized invasionary throng of mostly college aged students back on November 17th, BOA stationed a security guard out front six days a week during bank hours.  He had nothing much to do, and recently the guard stopped guarding.

At high noon today, Occupy Amherst folks--all five of them--returned for an "informational stand-in."   Perhaps now the bored security guard will return.


Anonymous said...

Again you show your ignorance of what goes on in town. I happen to work in downtown amherst and can attest that the guard has NOT stopped working and guarding the bank. He was there today. Also those protestors show up regularly. I an not sure of the schedule but it's either weekly or every other week.

LarryK said...

Must have been on his lunch hour.

Anonymous said...

I like what happened at CPAC.

The protesters themselves were protested by over 200 young conservatives.