Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Tibet, 9/11 & Kamikazes

Twenty two coffins on Amherst Town Common

Twenty two small coffins comprised one of the more graphic props utilized yesterday for the march from Amherst to Northampton commemorating the start (1959) of the Tibetan struggle for independence from China.  They graphically represent the number of individuals who have committed ritual suicide--many in the past year--by one of the more dramatic means of death:  self immolation.

And just so you could not miss the connection, some of the coffins carried a placard with 22 thumbnail photos of the victims, reminiscent of the first mug shot/bulletin issued by our federal government showing the 19 hijackers who plowed commercial jets into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and a field in Shankesville, Pennsylvania.

All depends on your perspective I guess, or "whose ox is being gored:"  The US military considered Divine Wind kamikaze pilots "fanatics," while Japanese comrades considered them heroes.  The 9/11 hijackers thought they were doing divine service to Allah, while we consider them ruthless killers, dupes of puppet master Osama Bin Laden.
 Free Tibet demonstration  3/10/12 near the spot where Greg Levey immolated himself in 1991

Suicide is self-imposed death, and self-imposed death is suicide.  What's the difference between setting yourself aflame for a political objective or strapping a bomb to your torso and detonating it in a public place for a political objective?  (Well, besides taking out innocent bystanders.)

A flag is a far more benign but still powerful symbol for reaching directly into the hearts of onlookers, and the more rational sides of their mind.  Our Select Board, in addition to issuing a proclamation supporting the Free Tibet struggle, allowed their flag to fly in front of Town Hall and going forward will do so annually on this anniversary.
 Flag of Tibet flies under the UN flag at Amherst Town Hall

Yes, this is the same Select Board that voted to allow 29 commemorative American flags to fly in Amherst downtown to remember the anniversary of 9/11 only once every fifth year

Maybe this September when I go before the Select Board to request the flags fly on 9/11 I will call it the "Free the Flags" movement.


'bach said...

come on Larry! now I am just plain pissed off. anyone who does an ounce of research knows the obl + 19 was a hoax to trick the world. there is extensive research which follows the money, and shows that it is those whose political philosophy of Zionism (not Judaism, which is a religion) , who pulled off 911.

you are simply propagating falsehoods by constantly restating your popular mechanix point of view. there are volumes of traceable information which proves beyond a shaadow of a doubt that the political zionist faction did 911 as a precept to the patriot act, Iraq etc.

I really dont get it Larry . the information is out there, I have provided your with many links over the last few years, yet you, the seemingly thorough investigator ( I do think you are very smart) choose to remain in the dark.

i beg of you, as a brother in humanity, do the research and stop spreading the obl drivel. you have a large platform with your blog, and it is your duty to spread the truth, not promulgate lies that you obviously took hook line and sinker.

for the record, I am not antisemitic... I am anti-the-political-idioms-Zionism, which is not a religion.

Nathan Hale said...

You kind of brushed it off in passing, but there is a huge difference between someone who takes his own life to prove a point and someone who takes his own life and those of many other people.

The Tibetans want to be free from Chinese oppression. If you think that somehow makes them the same as Al-Qaeda, you're a damned idiot.

Cowardly Anon Nitwit said...

It always shocks me that a large portion Amherst, Massachusetts forgets Massachusetts is located in the United States.