Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long Distance Learning

 From Shanghai, China to Amherst, MA, USA

This morning my daughter Kira beamed into her 4th grade class at Crocker Farm Elementary School via FaceTime, from her Mom's iPhone to my iPad2.  Her dozen classmates seemed enthralled, perhaps because they have not seen her in three weeks,  although not stunned and amazed by the Star Trek technology that made it all possible.

No surprise I guess, since these kids have known nothing but digital their entire lives.  

Kira has been keeping up with her homework, taking private tutoring lessons four hours daily (half Chinese and half math), keeping a blog (yes, she's a better writer than Dad) and touring businesses with her entrepreneurship professor Mom.

All in all, a great educational experience.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Larry! Way to go!

LarryK said...

Thanks (Luck of the Irish!)