Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Expanding my audience


So my radio debut went well if I do say so myself. As usual, the only problem is not enough time or bandwidth to properly discuss "All things Amherst." I had planned to highlight four hot button issues (any one of which could end up being the issue of the year) and really only managed to work in two of them: the impending Superintendent search decision and the somewhat intertwined School Committee race between upstart incumbent Catherine Sanderson and newcomer Katherine Appy.

Did not have the time to touch on the other two, Umass related, issues: Blockading Lincoln Avenue access to Umass for the first time in 150 years; and the Gateway Project, an ambitious significant infrastructure upgrade dressing up the main entryway to Umass formerly stained by the slummy presence of Frat Row.

Oh well, there's always next week.
ORIGINAL POST: Wednesday night
So tomorrow morning I start my weekly gig at WHMP radio with a 7:40 AM eight minute segment on Chris Collins Morning News broadcast talking about "All things Amherst." I've always loved radio because of the immediacy--kind of like the Internet.

Fifty years ago my mother routinely set the clock radio alarm to WHMP during school days to rouse us in the morning (and during the winter hoping for a school closing announcement, as she was a public school teacher in Easthampton.)

So I would almost always awaken to the sound of the legendary newsman with a golden voice, Ron Hall.


Anonymous said...

About friggan time.

Anonymous said...

Cool!!! I'm tuning in!

Anonymous said...

Is this the major news media job you were talking about? Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tony said...

Awesome. I'll be listening.

Anonymous said...

wimp on whmp

Anonymous said...

Is there an archive where we can access this online?

Anonymous said...

Auspicious beginnings.

Anonymous said...

Give a link where we can listen to it, or record it and post it next time.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, a bunch have folks asked so I emailed Chris Collins; he's going to burn me a CD and I'll try to figure out how to upload it.

Anonymous said...

We need engaging, opinionated radio that is local, and that is not syndicated.

You're swimming against the tide, but good luck.

Once we can get internet audio in our cars, radio will be dead.

Anonymous said...

where and when is the rescheduled Berlin Wall hearing?

Anonymous said...

Berlin Wall aka Lincoln Ave:
The Public Works Committee meeting is rescheduled for Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Pole Room at the Bangs Community Center.

Tom said...

Very cool.

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Tom (your feedback four years ago on St Patty's Day helped get this blog off the ground.)

Anon 1:10 PM
I'm a tad concerned that the closing off of Lincoln Avenue does not appear on the town website under the Agenda for that meeting. Open Meeting Law says the agenda must have a listing of the topics in order for the public to be informed and come to make comment:

Public Works Committee

February 8, 7:00 PM

RECEIVED: 2/1/11 at 8:47 am. MEETING TIME: 7:00 pm. LOCATION: Bangs Center, Pole Room. LIST OF TOPICS: Review/approve minutes of January 4, 2011 meeting; set dates for next meetings and/or public hearings. Project updates from Guilford. Old business - Wildwood Safe Roads to School. New business - public hearing Wildwood Safe Roads to School, public hearing Spring St. parking lot.

Ed said...

Larry -- you don't supposed they pulled it off the agenda due to perhaps some thing they may have heard personally from buddies (VFW or otherwise) who work at UM and saw what kind of response this would get once it was out there in public?