Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another People's Republic breaks rank

Berkeley recently voted down a measure that would have welcomed freed Guantanamo Bay detainees to come live in their sunny city, thus leaving Amherst (and Leverett) high on the shortlist for providing Bed & Breakfasts for those cleared of terrorism charges, but still under confinement at our leased Cuban military base.

Perhaps Amherst Town Meeting should have dispatched Ruth Hooke to the Berkeley City Council chambers to pitch the proposal, and while there she could also have advocated on behalf of Amherst's most recent foray into national defense policy decisions: the "Bring the War Dollars" home resolution.


Anonymous said...

The absurdity of her proposals might lull them into agreeing to make her go away.

Just like here.

LarryK4 said...

Strangely enough I actually voted in favor of her Gitmo resolution (ironic final legacy for my 20 years of bringing conservative views to uber-liberal Amherst Town Meeting.)

But I would most certainly have loudly voted "NO" last Fall to the naive peacenik resolution cutting funds for the war in Afghanistan.

Although I also agree with Princess Stephanie's assertion that Town Meeting should stay out of foreign or national affairs.

Anonymous said...

Let's stay out of foreign/national affairs ...

but only AFTER we beg Imam Rauf to re-locate the Ground Zero Mosque - nay, "Lower Manhattan Community Center!" - to Harkness Road.

Radical Chic bleeding heart and hair-shirt kooks! God love ya!

LarryK4 said...

Well if the Amherst Brewing Company does not get zoning approval for their move to that University Drive location maybe it could relocate there.

I think religious entities, like state owned universities, are pretty much exempt from local zoning.

Anonymous said...

A question- Is the phrase "workers ahead" used to warn motorists about pot holes?

There is a sign on Pine St at the N Amherst intersection and another one at the intersection of Pine and E Pleasant St- but there were no workers/ no trucks/ no "work" activity in sight- just numerous craters waiting to puncture a tire or dislodge a hub cap

Anonymous said...

I think the law is that the town does not have to pay for vehicle damage by potholes, unless the potholes have been reported. so report those potholes now, then wreck your car on them, then sue the town


Anonymous said...

"But I would most certainly have loudly voted "NO" last Fall to the naive peacenik resolution cutting funds for the war in Afghanistan"

yes, you amherstians need your opium, so keep that war goin'

Harry shafter

Anonymous said...

Bach, you don't even live here. Talk about having trouble letting go.