Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Party house of the weekend #2

So these bad boys at 1107 North Pleasant Street are already in the running for "party house of the semester"--and the semester has not even started.

Although APD only issued one $300 Noise ticket last weekend to this establishment they garnered five one night last semester (9/25/10). And apparently they know the cost because one of the tenants tried to avoid it by, umm, fleeing the scene (maybe he headed to Mexico).

According to police narrative:

"I observed a vehicle stuck in the front yard with its rear bumper in the roadway as well as loud music to be ongoing and unreasonable coming from the location. I observed approximately 50-60 guests inside. The resident who was at the front door fled from the scene before receiving a Noise Violation ticket which will be mailed to him by certified mail."


Anonymous said...

I wish my daddy sent me to UMASS in a Range Rover.

Anonymous said...

Do us a favor, Mr. Party us your best Forrest Gump and just keep on running.

Dale said...

They need to mail a citation to the homeowner as well. There is no reason they should not be held accountable for their tenants misbehavior. Maybe the landlord could subtract it from their security deposit everytime a citation is issued.

LarryK4 said...

Good idea.

There is a provision in the bylaw for hitting landlords with a ticket after a certain number of nuisance house citations have been issued to the tenants.

Ed said...

Larry -- I actually supported this bylaw when it was the LANDLORD who was cited (and then free to do whatever he/she/it chose to do regarding having to pay the fine).

They can send that summons certified mail but if the kids are smart they won't sign for it and then what -- the APD is gonna go down to Jersey looking for him (even if they have authority to serve process there, which I doubt they do).

If you go after the landlord you can attach the property -- but as to the tenants, well good luck. And who really is your problem when the students change year-to-year but the same house remains problematic.