Monday, January 10, 2011

South Amherst Robberies continue...

This photo was taken at 9:30 this morning before official word arrived that President Obama and Governor Patrick have ordered the American Flag to half staff to mourn the victims of the horrendous shootings in Tucson, Arizona.

A unlocked vehicle on Sherry Circle in South Amherst was entered under cover of darkness and a wallet removed from the owners pocketbook and of course all the cash--$500. But at least the thief was conscientious: they left the wallet in a nearby mailbox.

This may or may not fit the Modus Operandi of the numberous burglaries that have plagued Amherst and Northampton households since last summer, as leaving cash is in an unlocked car is never a good idea. As the Irish Catholics like to say, "An open door would tempt a saint."

Northampton Police will, however, soon make an announcement as they have issued an arrest warrant for a perp implicated in the Breaking & Enterings there. Time will tell if that person also orchestrated the Amherst capers.

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Ed said...

I say again Larry, have the gonads to tell everyone who is doing this stuff -- if it was the UMass students, we all know you would be screaming it. But it isn't and you need to stop being quiet on that.

Amherst has a drug problem. Children, we need to admit this....

(And who has $500 in his/her/its wallet? I sure don't!)