Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When will they ever learn? (sequel)

So missiles in the form of beer cans launched from the snipers lair located on the 3rd floor balcony of this humble abode at 27/28/29 Phillips street resulted in three $300 "nuisance house" tickets to the responsible parties late Sunday night/early Monday morning.

Since they were "beer cans" it's safe to assume they were empty--even so, any metal object hurled from the 3rd floor of a building gets a fair amount of assist from gravity and can do damage if you happen to be on the receiving end.

The nitwits are lucky APD did not charge them with "assault with a dangerous weapon."

And yes, I'm sure I will hear about incidents like this Thursday night at the Amherst Redevelopment Authority meeting as we continue to move forward with The Gateway Project, where the former 'Frat Row' directly across Phillips Street is headed for a mixed-use private development partly to provide new higher end student housing, but mainly to connect the downtown with Umass and to increase our pathetic commercial tax base.

Naturally, neighbors think the Gateway Project will result in more rowdy student behavior rather than less. Kind of like your toddler wailing over their first flu shot, not realizing the overall benefits.
Phillips Street is less than a beer can throw away from the heart of the Gateway Project: Former Frat Row, owned by Umass but about to be donated to the ARA

When will they ever learn (Original)

Frat Row circa 2005


Anonymous said...

Those $300 fines are turning into a great way to redistribute wealth from the eastern part of the state to us in the west.

Consider it a supplement for Amherst to state aid to city and towns.

Ed said...

What you really need to think about is that the people who do the gruntwork for the legislature (on both sides of the isle) are UM alumni. Who HATE Amherst.

In an era of short resources, there will be consequences....

Anonymous said...

I will have to admit that for the first time in many decades, some drunken UMASS kids provided some belly rolling entertainment:

Police responded to a fight on College Street early Sunday morning and found two men fighting, one dressed as Captain America had to be pepper sprayed, the second dressed as a banana, both were arrested.

A RED M&M was arrested for stealing a street sign, the sign was found in his possession.

Anonymous said...

Those sound like costumes used in performance by the Amherst College Zumbyes, some of tomorrow's leaders.

Ed said...

Those sound like costumes used in performance by the Amherst College Zumbyes, some of tomorrow's leaders.

I was thinking the same thing, including the location (College Street versus North Pleasant Street). And unlike AC kids, UM kids are bright enough to look for cops before trying to steal a street sign -- it is the difference between attending UM with the UMPD and Amherst with a more pro-student atmosphere....

Anonymous said...

Get off UR high horses, Man charged in baseball bat battery, from EASTERN MA, so what, oh, he is not attending UMASS.....? Must be from Hampshire college? Because it is EAST?