Friday, October 15, 2010

Jones Library Trustees make nice

Bonnie Isman,Director. Trustees: Chris Hoffmann, Emily Lewis, Pat Holland, Sarah McKee

So in spite of absentee Trustee (cutthroat) Carol Gray's disembodied head peeping in from Cairo, Egypt via skype, tonight's Jones Library Trustee meeting was exceedingly cordial.

The Trustees--those who could legally participate--unanimously accepted the retirement of 30 year Director Bonnie Isman (out the door on December 10) and tentatively discussed plans for her succession, which could include an "interim Director", or appointment of a current staff member (unlikely) or a appointment of a "team" of three current staff members to run things via committee.

And we see how well things went recently when a team of three Trustees decided to initiate a coup d'├ętat and try to run the Library now don't we?


Anonymous said...

Carol Gray is Amherst's Max Headroom?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Larry,

Focus...Focus... Headline in today's paper: $2.17 M GAP FOR AMHERST !
Thought we were sitting on a $7000.00+ nest egg... Ya, Let's build a homeless shelter! Let's build a whole new section of town( North meets Center), Let's pave ALL the roads in Amherst, Let's hire a drunken UMASS underage student to be our new school super!
Cookie anyone?

Anonymous said...

Where are the notebooks? Bring the Pirate Flag back and fly it proudly!

Anonymous said...

Look at that audience. A bunch of Prozac zombified, sleep-walking Amherst drama junkies (and one lonely dude with social difficulties)having nothing better to do (or contribute) than to sit back and enjoy yet another town freak-a-thon.


The one dude (or woman, same difference) in the back even brought his/her bag of organic goodies from whole foods (not to share, naturally)... How much do you want to bet he-she fully believes they have the entire world gripped tightly by the balls?


(come on Amherst, they're your creation)

LarryK4 said...

Now, now; you will make citizens nervous about showing up for public meetings (you should have seen the way I was dressed.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 12:49,

You seem to spend a lot of time making crank comments about people in Amherst. So... how are you different?? You better check your mirror, you might actually be that socially awkward dude.

Anonymous said...

"So... how are you different??"

Because I'm not one of the drip drooling, back stabbing, hypocrite, anarchy addicted,egomaniac space alien, moronic Amherst "power clubbers", that's how.

Mirror firmly pointed where it needs to be pointed... at ~you~, neighbor.

Chris Hoffmann said...

To anonymous #4.
I must take issue with your ability to judge others.

About half the people in our audience were current library staff. I also saw at least two members of the board Friends of the Jones Library, a former Jones trustee, and a retired librarian from another library.

I can assure you they were not zombified, nor were they there because they are "drama junkies" and I take offense at you calling them that.

They were there because they care about the library, and what happens to it is very important to them. As it is to all of Amherst.

LarryK4 said...

Well said.

Now you know why I don't like Anons

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:49

I'll waste one more comment on your sorry ass. You don't seem to understand the purpose of a mirror. You use to take a good hard look at yourself. Try it!

Anonymous said...

is that carol grey on the chair next to mary streeter....aka the laptop?????

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to that laptop. If Carol gets her way, that will be the next director of the library!

The Library Interpreter

Anonymous said...

"I'll waste one more comment on your sorry ass."

Noblesse oblige... I'm genuflecting to the god named Amherst as we speak.

"About half the people in our audience were current library staff. I also saw at least two members of the board Friends of the Jones Library, a former Jones trustee, and a retired librarian from another library. "

It would be convenient if I was talking about them. Sadly for Amherst, I was talking about a majority of everyone else, inside and outside that room...

Now, get to work fixing your vicious, failing mirage utopia.

It's a sham and an absolute disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I guess if the Angry Anons are blogging their hatred on here, they're not out in the community doing something worse.

Thanks for keeping them occupied, Larry.

LarryK4 said...

No problem. I love running interference. (My life is but to serve.)

Anonymous said...

Some of these commenters talk like terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"Some of these commenters talk like terrorists."

Nah, terrorists wouldn't criticize a refuge city.

Anonymous said...

Bomb the U.S. capitol building, Amhesrt hero.

Criticize the the town, become a terrorist.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone want to discuss the real issues? A capable director is leaving soon, and there is no good plan for what happens next. Whither the Library?