Monday, October 11, 2010

Deja vu all over again.

So yeah, I know how easy it is for an aging chicken hawk who was once combat ready (at least in a hand-to-hand sense) to second guess those young--perhaps too young--warriors who failed at a rescue attempt in Afghanistan. And as a result, a young woman is dead: killed, apparently, by a hand grenade throw by friendly forces.

A hand grenade! I'm sorry, but if you are engaged in a surgical operation try using a scalpel rather than a chain saw.

I flashback 28 years to that other ill fated attempt to rescue hostages, where grenades also ended the mission...miserably. The 1972 'Munich Massacre'; which should have been a wake up call to all Americans that exceedingly evil forces are out there, and all they want is front page press and are willing to do anything--absolutely anything--to get it.

Hazards indeed

Yet another event we should never forget


Anonymous said...

September 5-6 is a two day mourning event in Amherst...

for those Arabs terrorists!

who wont ever again have the chance

to so easily murder another "Zionist".

Joseph Moroco said...

As to tactics, that type of thing happens. Some you win and some you lose.

If the ridiculous grand strategy of trying to control the world that I disagree with.

In our recent discussion (September 12), I asked Larry the purpose of all our adventures. He had a song and dance, but no real reason and ended with an ad hominem. Well, we shall probably have some more rescues with hostages saved and lost. All of them quite unecessary if we did not feel had to bend the world to our will.

Larry in the end, is indifferent to the sufferings of the troops.