Sunday, October 17, 2010

Amherst PD scores major Federal grant

Demonstrating the collaboration businesses refer to as a strategic alliance, the Amherst Police Department and Umass PD will share a $173,643 Justice Department grant to better deal with domestic violence and sexual assault.

Considering last year (the most under reported story of the year), 10 Amherst woman, 5 children and another 6 students on the Umass campus endured the traumatic crime of rape, this money will be exceedingly well spent.

APD reports (on a blog no less)

Springfield Republican reports, in paper and ink no less (but with a big circulation)


Anonymous said...

Is the grant only for the aftermath of traumatic violence, or is it for prevention too?

LarryK4 said...

Unfortunately, pretty much for the aftermath. But both department already offer public education outreach and free self defense training.

Would probably also help if we could get a few more Federal $ so APD could have more boots on the ground.

Anonymous said...

The combined departments have around 240 "boots on the ground" - size is less important than good, smart coordination, and this grant is great news in that direction.

- Your Friend

Anonymous said...

240 boots = 2400 toes = 120 bodies
not all on the street at one time or during a day or week

Your Friend = Rob Kusner

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, let's be anti-taxation but let's want more Federal money. Where does that come from? Taxes.

Anonymous said...

I wish the federal government would grant me peace and quiet on the weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cookie anyone?

Anonymous said...

Larry, the "free self defense training" is for women only, in clear violation of Title IX not to mention the gay marriage decision...

The town eventually will be sued, it will loose, and the taxpayers will have to ante up some more....

Anonymous said...

Larry, your blog is usually pretty clear, but I'm not following exactly how many people were raped.

6 women,
5 children
another 6 students on UMASS campus.

17 people total? All female? Are the students neither women nor children, or maybe those raped on campus as opposed to elsewhere in Amherst?

former Amherst resident

LarryK4 said...

I thought it was pretty clear. The reason I used the term "students" (probably all woman) was to clearly show they happened on the Umass campus and were investigated by UMPD.

Amherst PD investigated 6 rapes and another (additional) 5 involving children. I assume the adult rapes were all women. Children I am not so sure about. But yes, 17 total in the town of Amherst (considering Umass is in Amherst).

Probably 2 or 3 times that--both in the town and on campus--were not reported.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification.