Saturday, October 16, 2010

A fitting symbolic tribute to George N. Parks

McGuirk Stadium 6:05 PM

Springfield Republican reports

So yeah, it would have been better if Umass did not lose by a lousy point (11-10) at the last minute--but at least the American flag outside the stadium was where it should have been.

Not sure if state employees did it under orders of the (local) 'Powers That Be' or some friends, students and admirers of George simply took matters into their own hands.

I was disappointed cycling down Massachusetts Avenue around 6:00 PM and seeing the main flags near Whitmore at full staff. The Springfield Republican published an article recently about today's commemoration ceremonies and mentioned the Governor gave his okay to flying the State flag at half staff to honor the memory of George Parks.

The Governor has no authority to order the American flag to half staff if not for a member of the military or a federal politician; he can do whatever he wants with the state flag.

But then, just around the corner at McGuirk Alumni Football Stadium, at the twilight's last gleaming: a respectfully large Old Glory flapping in the stiff breeze at half staff--as well it should be!

RIP George N. Parks.

Massachusetts Avenue near Whitmore Administration Building 6:00 PM

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Anonymous said...

R.I.P. George Parks, best wishes to the band and team to continue without you. I am sure you will be missed dearly.